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Katt's Eyes

"Life works in funny ways. No matter how many lives you live, you always wind up in the same spot in the end." -Katt

Welcome to the world of Mobias. A land of fast blue hedgehogs, powerful emeralds, and the ultimate being. What few know is that it is also the land of the Gods. And caught right in the middle of all of it is one lone cat just trying to get by in life.

A tail of romance and adventure, there's never telling what will happen with each chapter. There's also a lot of comedy peppered throughout. Join our heroin and see life through Katt's Eyes.


Cameos Now Open!!!

Okay, so the time has come to start accepting cameos for Katt’s Eyes. Weird, huh? I’m looking for only a certain number of cameos and ALL of them must be pre-approved to make it in. Here’s what you need to send me and the few rules I want you to keep in mind when sending some in.


- Sonic style sprites ONLY. I don’t want any cross genera styling going on here. Humans are okay but make sure they use the Sonic style template.
- One submission allowed per person. Since there will only be a certain number of slots available, I’m keeping it tight.
- No re-colors. I normally have nothing against them…but I’m holding Katt’s Eyes to a higher standard this time so I don’t want any re-colors if I can avoid it.
- Lastly, and this is a comment more then a rule, I will be choosing who makes it in. If you don’t make it then don’t blame me. I’m only choosing the characters that I believe will be best for the story.

Fill out the following IN FULL or I WILL NOT LOOK AT IT!!!

Name: First and Last. If they don’t have a last name, MAKE ONE UP!

Gender and Race:
It’s not always obvious so just do this for posterity’s sake, please.

Personality: I want details here. Don’t say “crazy, fun-loving and outgoing” because I guarantee you I will choose someone else.

Powers: Again, details. The more descriptive you are the better it will make your chances.

This is primarily to help me more then a solid background. I cannot guarantee that your character’s background will remain the same once they make it to the comic. It WILL be subject to change.

Preferred Position: See below for more details.

Positions Open:

Okay, so here’s the exact details of what I’m looking for. I have 10 spots I need to fill. I need 6 Aspects, 1 God and 3 mortals. Below is the list of what those entail and details about the spots available.


Hope: Hope’s powers include limited healing, being able to instill hope within others and the power to improve the outlook of one’s views.

Truth: Truth’s powers include the ability to tell if someone is lying, prevent others from lying and the ability to hurt those that lie around him/her.

Fear: Fear’s powers include the ability to incuse nightmares, cause others to see their fears in physical form and the ability to cause a waking sleep.

Judgment: Judgment’s powers are complicated. Basically, once he/she has deemed someone “guilty” that person becomes a mark to him/her. They can be tracked by Judgment wherever they go and Judgment’s attacks deal greater damage to them.

Rage: Rage’s powers include the ability to induce anger in others, the power to increase his/her own strength through anger (think the Hulk) and limited fire control powers (physical only).

Desire: Desire’s powers are to induce lust, craving or pure desire in others. Through the control of pheromones and emotion, Desire can even cause someone to become deeply in love with something or someone.

Remaining Spots:

The God of Earth: I need a God of Earth. The God of Earth will be a bad guy for most of the comic so keep that in mind as you apply for this position.

Mortals: This position is basically being just a normal mortal. Since it is a world of magic and mystery, mortals can have powers but they will never be as strong as a God or an Aspect.

PM me the application either at Smack Jeeves or at Drunk Duck.

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I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold; I visit the weak but seldom the bold. What am I? Answer: Fear


Be you ever so quick, with vision keen, by your sight we are never seen. Unless perchance it should come to pass, you see our reflection in a looking glass.

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